Hospital Management Software


Hospital Management System from itechxon the hospitals and nursing homes to efficiently manage various departments, patients, doctors and other associated elements for eminent performance contributing to enhanced productivity. The modular software is an ultimate package for overall operations and processes management in the clinics. Easy to use and simple to deploy software is a web based solution that allows access to the management features and tools from anywhere across the globe. This highly integrated software allows email and SMS integration to communicate with the patients, doctors and administration effortlessly.

Hospital management system software features

Hospital Management System is an automation software solution that relieves the hospitals from overall management worries and allows to focus on services offered effectively. This innovatice software equips the hospitals to manage patient’s registration records, complaints and diagnosis, outdoor/indoor receipts, outdoor/indoor bill, reminders to patient's bill, pathology lab and reporting, medicine counter purchase, sale and stock etc. Admin can access and manage all operations effectively from this web based solution. Empowered with useful reports, the solution facilitates the hospitals in effective decision making with analytical data available with the customizable reports.
Primary features of Hospital Management System consist of:



  • Hundreds of automation features
  • 8 type of user accounts
  • Easiest appointment booking system
  • Private communication with doctors
  • Easiest management of hospital accommodations
  • Tracking of medicines
  • Records of blood donors
  • Records of diagnostics and reports
  • Payroll management
  • User friendly accounting
  • Patient Management
    • Ability to request appointment with a doctor
    • Keep records of patient’s prescriptions and medications
    • Keep track of patient’s payments
    • See all diagnostics
    • Manage operation reports
    • Private communication between doctor and patient
  • Manage Doctors
    • Searchable doctor’s list with full profile
    • Categorize doctors according to departments
  • Hospital management
    • Manage blood bank
    • Keep records of blood donors
    • Allotment of beds and cabins
    • Keep records of medicines
    • Ability to save reports
    • Payslip generation for hospital staffs
  • Take care of tiresome paperworks
    • Ability to add receptionists to take appointments
    • Add pharmacists to take care of medicines
    • Add nurses to look after patients’ informations
    • Automated generation of diagnostic reports
    • Automated generation of prescriptions
    • Easiest billing system
  • Create your own website with your contents
    • Ability to set emergency contacts, opening/closing hours
    • Manage the services you provide
    • Ability for patients to request appointments from website
    • Simple yet convenient blog
    • Expose your hospital to the world
Supported Platforms
  • Windows
  • itechxon for android Android
  • desktop Desktop
  • mobile Mobile
Deployment :
  • itechxon onlineWeb-Based
Suitable For :
  • Healthcare
Business Specific:
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Labs
  • English