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What is e-School ERP? 

e-School ERP is an IT solution that caters to the needs of the schools. It simplifies and accelerates repetitive tasks to save time and increase the output. This school management software helps both academic and non-academic staff in their daily work. Non-Academic staff can use the software for activities like HR management, payroll function, hiring, etc. The software also allows finance teams to oversee important tasks like preparation of balance sheet, expense tracking, cash flow assessment, and many others. 

On the other hand, it benefits academic staff greatly by streamlining daily attendance and class management. This school ERP software also offers an elaborate examination feature where teachers can grade marks, create examination lists, schedule, and manage a marking register. 
e-School ERP is one of the best school ERP software for Indian schools. 

What features does e-School ERP offer? 

Here are a few features of e-School ERP software mentioned for a quick view of the software: 

  1. Student Management Profiling
  2.  Library Management
  3.  Hostel Management
  4. Internal Messaging 
  5. Database Backup and Restore, and many more

How does e-School help in Overall Management of an Educational Institution?

With 25+ comprehensive modules, this efficient school management application works well for the front-office section of educational institutes. e-School enables users to manage the entire process of managing admission inquiries from potential students, along with phone calls and visitors entry. The application comes with an inbuilt eight user panels that help the management in maintaining a healthy work environment. With this feature, the Super Admin can ensure that transparency is maintained with regards to the documents that are shared by other users in the long chain.

How Does e-School help in Fee Management?

e-School helps in accelerating the process of total fee collection by preparing a custom fee structure for the academy’s current session. Later, the application classifies them into different categories and sub-categories such as Fee Type, Fee Group, and Fee Master to enable swift collection and sorting of fees. This enables a cost-effective way of collecting money. It also reduces the expenses incurred in assigning an entire team for the same.

Price of e-School ERP software

The price of e-School ERP software varies based on the customizations required by the customer. For more information, please request a call. Our sales team will connect with you as soon as possible.

Managing Inventory through e-School ERP Software

Educational organizations can manage their inventory through this software as it categorizes the items into various sections. The application enables educational institutions to manage supplier details, and track the items that are issued to the staff members. With its user-friendly dashboard, the management of an educational institute is allowed to make real-time decisions, as the application offers detailed reports and insights are presented. Due to its web-based deployment, e-School can easily manage a chain of organizations that are set over various locations.

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